Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Stock: Summer Tool Additions

Here at I Heart Engineering it is time once again for some shameless self promotion and to present our new collections of tools in stock for the summer.

The ZCM-04 Conductive Mat is designed to be used in your electronics building workspace to make sure that you don't have to worry about electric static discharge while putting together circuit boards or whatever else you may be doing.

Plenty of surface space to make sure that your working space in comfortable.

 Here is the ZC-62 is an grounding wire that is attached to your mat with an adhesive backing.

Ensuring that your whole work space is grounded.

 The SV-01 Circuit Board Holder, makes assembling circuit boards a
breeze. With this holder just place your board in the adjustable holders and tilt it to whatever angle is comfortable for you. The board holder is ESD safe and come with a grounding cable.

The sturdy design makes you feel confident with this circuit board holder.

These are the PH-55 Tetewan Scissors which our shipping department claims are the best scissors they ever used.

Great for cutting cardboard, rope, wire or whatever other things that might come up during the day.

The DK-10 Precision Driver Set, is an ideal screwdriver set if working with miniature screws.

With the screw tweezers you will never have to struggle picking up a miniature screw and trying to put it in that perfect spot to build your robot arms, or whatever task you may have.

The final item for today will be the PD-08 Side Cutting Pliers, These heavy duty pliers are exactly what you expect from a pair of heavy duty pliers.

These linesman's pliers are great for electric work and cutting most wire encountered while on the job.

These and other great tools are available in the I Heart Engineering store.

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