Monday, July 9, 2012

TurtleBot Power Interface Shield

The TurtleBot Power Interface Shield for the Arduino Mega board is a communication bridge between the Arduino or PC and the TurtleBot.
The shield has a 12V and a 5V voltage regulators that can be turned on or off  independently of each other. The Arduino board can enable and disable the voltage regulators as well.

The power to the Arduino board can be turned on or off with a switch on the upper right corner of the shield.  

There are two 5V terminals and three 12V terminals for the Kinect, actuators, and other sensors . An external battery or power supply can be attached using a Dean's connector or a screw terminal. One may choose to power the voltage regulators using the Roomba's internal battery or the external power supply. However, the MiniDin cable can supply up to 340mA while the max current supplied by the voltage regulators is 1.5A per regulator.

A MiniDin cable is included and can connect the shield to an iRobot Create, or a 500 series Roomba. A USB (type B) cable connects the shield to the PC.

You can purchase the shield by clicking here.

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