Thursday, August 9, 2012

GUI Tools for ROS

Here is some of the recently released GUI tools for ROS.

node_manager_fkie provides a graphical interface for discovering and managing ROS nodes. It provides support for multi-master environments where multiple robots run ROS master servers locally.

rosdashboard provides an easy way of visualizing status and sensor messages from you robot instead of trying to read gyro messages as they float by in a terminal.

RXConsole has been ported to Android and is available on Google Play. Also, if you don't have a google account for your Android phone, you should also be able to build it from source.

Speaking of the Google Play, I think it is in developers (except Googles) interest to support opkg on Android so we can sidestep the current problems with software installation on Android and support more complex applications with dependency chains. When a user installs a package like the Android App Chooser, it should automatically install/prompt-to-install a barcode reader. Otherwise Android is going to end up bloated like windows where every application that uses something like python installs its own local copy.</RANT>

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