Thursday, August 30, 2012

ROS News Roundup

Here is the latest roundup of ROS related news.

TurtleBot Teleop with Android using ROS Fuerte.

Tomorrow will be the first meetup for the NYC TurtleBot Operators Group and effectively an I Heart Engineering open house. Depending on interest and feedback, we hope to hold more of these events regularly in the future.

Does your cubicle suffer daily incursions from co-workers intent on "asking you questions"? Perhaps this ROS driver can help.

The OSRF now has a list of consultants, including some you may already know, that can help with your next open source robotics project.

The Robotics and Biology Laboratory at TU Berlin has announced their new ROS repository which seems to be related to the above video.

OctoMap 1.5 is now available!!

They are using ROS to learn how to climb stairs, to "help" the humans.

ROS drivers for the Robotiq grippers are now available as part of ROS Industrial.

V-REP simulator has ROS support available for download.

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