Friday, September 7, 2012

A123 12V7 battery now actually available for purchase

"Thank you for placing your order. Your order number is 5."

The wait is over, we have now verified that the A123 Systems Nanophosphate® lithium ion ALM 12V7 battery is actually available for purchase. This battery is designed as a drop in replacement for standard sealed lead acid batteries and is compatible with most SLA charging systems.

While our favourite hubmotorologists have been testing these batteries for electric vehicle hoonage. We will be testing them for use with ground based mobile robots that require a more rugged form factor than puffy Lithium Polymer battery packs.
The nominal voltage of 13.2V should be sufficient for a low drop out voltage regulator to supply a high quality stable 12V if needed. The maximum current rating is 30A and the battery provides a maximum power output of 345W. An integrated 30A Fuse prevents fires and early termination of human support systems. The battery includes overvoltage, overdischarge and short circuit safety systems for your protection. More as we have a chance to test them.

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