Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kickstart: Baccus Robot Arm

After months of work, we are finally ready to announce our first Kickstarter, the Baccus Open Source Robot Arm. This arm was designed specifically to meet the needs of robots attempting to deliver beverages to humans and is equipped with a 2 DoF wrist designed to allow for smooth pouring operation.

The Baccus robot arm will also make a great choice for classrooms with open source software and a documented ROS API. The cost should allow more students to have time working with a robot arm and the functionality will enable them to perform complex tasks.

For more information about the project and the great rewards we will be offering, check out our kickstarter page here.

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Anonymous said...

I support the cause of the robot arm and have pledged financial support. I hope to one day have one of my own--my friends make fun of me all the time because I don't have a beer helmet. (They'll piss their pants when I one-up them with THIS bad-ass mofo!)