Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TurtleBot 2 ROS Groovy ISO BETA 2

Round 2, Start!

THIS ISO INSTALLER (1.2GB) CURRENTLY ONLY SUPPORTS TURTLEBOT 2 however patches and bug reports for TurtleBots using the Create mobile base are appreciated. Please file bug reports via the associated github issue tracker. If you can not find the correct tracker, please file bugs against

The current plan is to release support for TurtleBot 2 later this week and then proceed with backporting support for TurtleBots with Create base.

External Debian System integration packages can be found here.
PPA for ROS + Ubuntu Integration
TurtleBot 2 ROS Groovy ISO Beta 2 (1.2GB)

Selected Features

This release resolves some minor bugs, and more importantly merges the latest packages synced from shadow-fixed.

md5sum: 5fb0897d5995ce312e714619b1ee9781


buddy said...

Apologies if this is the wrong place.

This iso is for amd64 architecture.
I would like to install on my Asus netbook 1025C, which is 32-bit.

How can I do this, or will you provide an i386 build iso?

thanks very much,

I Heart Robotics said...

You can build your own via UCK

Note: you will need the svn version of UCK

Also, we will start a 32-bit build later today.

I Heart Robotics said...

The 32 bit version will be delayed another day or two as we need a 32 bit system to buld a 32 bit ISO.